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It’s dawn and we are headed Downtown. The clouds are quite thick so we probably won’t be witnessing a sunrise. For people unaware of this, summer in Mexico City is deceivingly rainy season. It’s drizzling, but I think we can handle.

I’m spending the morning with Jimo – an artist, graphic designer, founder of Junk Studio, and the lead character in this story.

My good friend Sofia Rodriguez – a fashion designer & photographer – is shooting the whole thing.

As we get off the cab in Plaza Tolsá, an iconic rectangular esplanade right in front of MUNAL (National Museum of Art) and El Cardenal (a great place for breakfast) I turn to them and ask:

“Have you ever heard of Paris?”

We are laughing, since I’m being sarcastic. It’s 6:30 am, this is ghost town but that silly joke of mine is not far from the truth, because without the usual crowd, this place does look like Paris. Ever since Hernán Cortez, the European influence is an undeniable reality for us Mexicas.

Downtown Mexico City is alive with history, and is also the place where my jewelry affairs take place. This is the main reason why I brought us here.



As for Jimo, we meet through instagram while she was living in New York. It was two years ago that we bumped into each other somewhere in Colonia Roma, and that’s when I learned that she had moved into the city (Mexico City). She was having a picnic in Chapultepec the next day, to celebrate her birthday, but I couldn’t attend since it was also my mom’s birthday.

Later that same year (2016), while visiting her parent’s in Miami, she took a permanent position at The Bass Museum, where she worked until March of this present year (2018), when she came back for good.

Although she’s been moving a lot throughout her entire life, her heart always belonged in Mexico City (her own words).

  • -HABLAR MÁS DE JIME. Sus shows este año, momo room, Casa LU, ETCETERA –


On her first look she’s wearing bike shorts, a white t-shirt under a grey blazer, and black sneakers with baby yellow socks. She’s also wearing two Oval pendants (small and medium) from the Origins Collection. The devil’s in the details, and this post is also about jewelry.

“I feel more feminine when I look masculine” – she points out.

I can strongly relate to that feeling, only I had never put it into words.

It’s a powerful paradox when the outside, rather than matching and defining the inside, conspires for the sake of freedom. It means you’re confident and sort of  immune. It’s a license you’ve given yourself to do pretty much whatever you want. 

As for the part where you feel more femenine. I think it has something to do with feeling confortable on your own skin.

The nature of feeling ‘feminine’

I’m still not clear about  feminity here. 

Feminity arises in a place different than the outside, I know that for sure.